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Welcome to Homa & Sekey Books
Publisher and distributor of fine books on Asia



The Art of Chinese Couplets

By Hu Huiyun
Order No. 1130


Anshun Local Drama in China

By Shuai Xuejian
Order No. 1107

A Lion at Three in the Morning

By Nam Jin-Woo
Order No. 1135



By Park Je-chun
Order No. 1136

Yiwu, China

By Mark Jacobs
Order No. 1128


The New Travels of Marco Polo

By Hans-Wilm Schütte
Order No. 1134

The Verse of Shao Xunmei

By Shao Xunmei
Order No. 1129


Belly Button Disc

By Dongho Kim
Order No. 1133

The Quasi-War in East Asia

By Edwin Pak-wah Leung
Order No. 1125


The Science of Human Settlements in China

By Wu Liangyong
Order No. 1126

The Stories of Tea

By Wang Xufeng
Order No. 1127


Confucius Says: A Novel

By Veronica Li
Order No. 1123

Chinese Art since 1980: Oil Painting 1

By Fan Di’an
Order No. 1099


Chinese Art since 1980: Oil Painting 2

By Fan Di’an
Order No. 1100

Chinese Art since 1980: Traditional Chinese Painting 1

By Fan Di’an
Order No. 1101


Chinese Art since 1980: Traditional Chinese Painting 2

By Fan Di’an
Order No. 1102

Chinese Art since 1980: Engraving • Watercolor

By Fan Di’an
Order No. 1103


Chinese Art since 1980: Sculpture • Pottery Art • Mural

By Fan Di’an
Order No. 1104

Watercolor: Paintings by Zhejiang Artists

By Luo Xianyue
Order No. 1119


Farmers' Art: Paintings by Zhejiang Farmer Artists

By Luo Xianyue
Order No. 1120

Pan Honghai: A Chinese Oil Painter

By Luo Xianyue
Order No. 1121


Sun Yong: A Traditional Chinese Painter

By Luo Xianyue
Order No. 1122

Jack Ma: Founder and CEO of the Alibaba Group

By Chen Wei
Order No. 1105


Shaolin Kungfu (Illustrated)

By Lv Hongjun
Order No. 1089

Taijiquan (Illustrated)

By Yan Shuangjun
Order No. 1090


Chinese New Year Painting

By Wang Shucun
Order No. 1091

The Historical Architectural Map of Beijing

By Li Luke, et al.
Order No. 1098


The China Well-being (Minsheng) Development Report 2012

By Renwu Tang, et al.
Order No. 1097

Decoding Critical Genes of Enterprises

By Bin Yan
Order No. 1094


In a Seed

By Hyang-Ah Lee
Order No. 1106

Salt in Ancient China

By Song Jupu and Jing Hong
Order No. 1093


The Illustrated Book of Chinese Tea

By Wang and Guo
Order No. 1092

The Crane in the Clouds: Shijo: Korean Classical Poems in the Vernacular

By Sung-Il Lee
Order No. 1095


A Grand Retreat and Other Plays


By Lee Gun-sam
Order No. 1096

Disappearing Shanghai

By Howard W. French and Qiu Xiaolong
Order No. 1084


The Dream of the Red Chamber

By Cao Xueqin and Gao E
Order No. 6144

Understanding China's Criminal Procedure

By Yi Yanyou
Order No. 1085


Beauty of Stone Windows

By Sanmen
Order No. 1082

Reading the Times: Poems of Yan Zhi

By Yan Zhi
Order No. 1087


Chinese Civil Procedure and the Conflict of Laws

By Chen Weizuo
Order No. 1086

A Concise Illustrated History of Chinese Printing

By Luo Shubao
Order No. 1071


China's Terracotta Army and the First Emperor's Mausoleum

By Yuan Zhongyi
Order No. 1072

Teaching Chinese the American Way

By Guoping Ren
Order No. 1083


The Three Character Classic (2nd Ed.)

By Wang Yinglin/Phebe Xu Gray
Order No. 1081

Fields Interaction Design (FID)

By Stephen Jia Wang
Order No. 1088


Managing China's Modernization

By Dr. Edwin Pak-wah Leung
Order No. 1078

Translucency: Selected Poems of Chankyung Sung

By Chankyung Sung
Order No. 1073


The Memoirs of Hun Pong

By Hun Pong (Park Yongjae)
Order No. 1074

Educational System in China

By Ming Yang
Order No. 1060


The Art of Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang

By Fan Jinshi
Order No. 1057

Two Lifetimes:
A Novel

By Joanne Guo
Order No. 1058


Seven Kinds of Mushrooms: A Novel of the Cultural Revolution

By Zhang Wei
Order No. 1059

Chopsticks-Fork Principle x 2

By Cathy Bao Bean and Dongdong Chen
Order No. 1055


Everything I Understand about America I Learned in Chinese Proverbs

By Wendy Liu
Order No. 1056


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